Ibdesign's  Management Software
Drag-and-Drop - New Image Gallery Templates
A number of new, spectacular image gallery templates have been uploaded to the Drag-and-Drop interface. In order to view the updates, please drag the Album tool to the page and select from the available templates.

Drag-and-Drop - Image Resizing Option
The image resizing option has been upgraded, now you can resize an image by pulling the surrounding orange dashed line.

Drag-and-Drop - New Content Editor
The content editor that was used for editing elements such as Header, Text and Paragraph has been replaced by a newer, more advanced editor. The new editor is faster and much handier than the previous version.

Drag-and-Drop - New Tools
A number of new draggable tools have been added to the interface:
  • The new Content Template icon has been added to the Modules category. The new tool allows dragging pre-made content templates to the page.
  • Another addition to the Modules is the new Category Content icon, which allows displaying a list of pages out of a category within the page’s content.
  • One more newly added icon under the Modules is the Language Bar - by dragging it you will be able to add a language bar to a multilanguage website.
Drag-and-Drop - Container Settings
Some new options have been added to the container (div) design section in the drag-and-drop interface. The “Container Settings” button is located next to the “Delete” button in any of the Drag-and-Drop tools. The following is the list of updated features:
  • Background Color
  • Border Width
  • Border Radius
  • Border Color
  • Background Image
  • Background Repeat
  • Background Position
  • Switch to free CSS code
System Image Bank
The built-in system free image bank has undergone minor upgrade:
  • Two new buttons: “Popular Images” and “New Images”.
  • Due to a functional upgrade, the images will now load faster and in a more effective manner.
File Upload
The process of uploading a file to a page (image, flash etc.) has been upgraded too:
  • The file selection window has been redesigned and rearranged for better convenience.
  • The file will be added directly to the page - the redundant “Add” button has been removed.
  • During the upload, the process bar will be displayed signifying the upload speed.
The Forum tool has also been improved in terms of design and functionality. Besides the modernized look, the forum search mechanism has been upgraded, and now the search results are much faster and more accurate.

Virtual Store
The Virtual Store tool has been improved by a number of new functional codes added to the Advanced Design section (Manage Store >> Store Settings >> Advanced Design):
  • #-PiBi-# - Large image
  • #-Pictu-# - Small image URL
  • #-PiBiu-# - Large image URL
  • #-StNu-# - Amount in stock
  • #-MaNaLink-# - Link to manufacturer’s page
Mobile Website Manager
A new button has been added to the top toolbar of the management interface. The button allows users to switch between the PC and the mobile versions of the site.

General Interface Improvements
The new management interface, which is now available to users, was built and designed to facilitate site management and improve user experience. The recent updates were aimed at improving the system’s intuitivity and providing faster reaction.

Help Button
From now on, a click on the renewed “Help” button will open a window containing a collection of instruction videos, as well as full access to the Support Center.

Dozens of New Design Templates
Several dozen new templates have been recently uploaded to the system and are now available for free to new customers, who wish to open a new websites, as well as to the existing customers, who may replace an old template with a new one by going to Design >> Change Template.

Drag-and-Drop - Draggable Top Menu
The new templates are equipped with a brand new feature - a draggable top menu that can now be moved to any location with your mouse. Please note that this option is available in the newest templates only and is applicable exclusively in the Drag-and-Drop interface. If you hover on the top menu, you will be able to grab it with your mouse and relocate it to any desired position within the site’s header. In addition to that, you can now access to the menu’s management area by clicking the newly added buttons at the top of the menu.

Advanced Design with CSS3
From now on, CSS3 selectors (<, >, *, [, ], etc.) may be used in the CSS area (Design >> Advanced Design >> CSS) - this upgrade will greatly improve the system’s design flexibility.

Webmail Client Upgrade
The system’s webmail client has been upgraded to the next version, which includes the latest development of the interface adjusted to cellular phones, so that a customer might manage their mailboxes via a mobile device. The mobile interface is available via the following link: http://webmail.MyDomain/MEWebMail/Mobile/MessageList.aspx (do not forget to replace MyDomain with your custom domain name).

Ibdesign keeps creating and developing all the time, and we hope that you get the maximum out of the tools we upload to the system on a regular basis.