As you know, the purpose of any business is to attract quality traffic to their website in order to expose the products to customers, especially when they are in search of solutions. Organic SEO on Google is the most important tool as it is perceived to be more reliable than AdWords funded advertising. The higher your website is rated in the relevant search, the more likely customers will see your site and click on it.  Activity of this kind is not a simple task. In order to perform it correctly without failure, one must have professional knowledge and special resources. Your competitors are likely making every effort to promote their websites. Using professional help, your site will receive more traffic than those not promoted or promoted by amateurs.  As I have successfully advanced many sites to high visibly on Google searches. (Not just to the first pages but also to first ratings), I make every effort to use all my knowledge and experience to advance your website to appear on Google’s first pages. I cannot guarantee that all the keywords will result in the first page but the larger part of the words will appear on the first page of Google.
Work content:
1.     Adding the website to dozens of indexes in the major search engines in the US.
2.     Including the website to Ibdesign links exchange program.
3.     Submitting Sitemap to Google + site verification every two months.
4.     Adding keywords and different descriptions to each page.
5.     Writing Titles, H1 and adjusting web pages with search (key) words.
7.     Building a links system and exchanging links between websites related to the field.
8.     Connecting the website to Google Analytics’ system to examine advanced statistics.
9.     Instructional session with the client regarding data validation and statistical testing.
11.   Free monitoring for Google software.
12.   Adding external links to Facebook solely from your account.
13.  Publishing articles  ( 2 a month )

14. Creating YouTube channel for SEO aim

15. Working and creating a Google Map

16. Sending a  key words report every month.