Website design and promotion Package Deal $989 a month!

Deal Package: Design + Built Up + Hosting + and organic SEO during the first year 
989$  per month - one-year obligation
Payment: one-year obligation, two first checks in advance,
other checks postdated for one year.

The price includes:

1.     Building a website with up to 20 pages (as detailed above with the option of two languages).
2.     Organic SEO to first page using selected keywords (as detailed above).
3.     Management software website storage (unlimited number of pages).
4.     Purchase and management of domain.
5.     Updates.
6.     Instruction.
Additional work: 

Setting up a Facebook page $200.00 (free when ordering a website design)

Instructions on how to use Facebook – $100.00 per hour

Internet Consulting – $100.00 per hour
Thank you for choosing Ibdesign
Sincerely, Irit Blumenthal
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Additional work: 
Web design:
The purpose of the agreement and specifications of the website
The initial goal of the website : a unique graphic specification for each page on the website, high-level design + independent updates + capability to add presentations and photos, unlimited amount of images in the photo galleries, preparation of the website’s promotion to reach Google’s first page by using keywords specific to the client.
1. To build a website used as the main marketing window of the client in his field of expertise.
2. The website will be adjusted to Google’s system to advance it organically to the first page and to create high quality rating to Google’s sponsored ads.
3. Codes will be added to advance organic SEO, linked to Facebook and other social networks.
4. The website will be based on management software that can be updated from time to time.
5. The website will have a high-level design (legible and easy to print).
6. The website will be hosted on secure servers. These servers are checked by the development team 24 hours a day; the website will be secure from hackers.
7. In addition to the unlimited amount of pages, the website will include modifiable advanced forms, a registered members’ area, forum, guest-book, user's login, events, YouTube videos, connection to Facebook, website search, blogs, optional stores, calendar, and dozens more advanced tools.
Phase 1:
Specification and design of the website:
1 All content required to build the website (pictures and text) will be provided by the client according to the guidelines that will be given by Ms. Irit Blumenthal. The client will send the material of the website after editing and finalizing the content.
2. The website will be designed with a HTML 5 banner and up to 50  additional pages will be designed, including pages, order forms, website search (as detailed in the management software).
3. Template pages will be designed enabling the client, or someone on his behalf, to insert an unlimited number of pages at will. 
Work process:
1. All the images and texts to be included on the website will be provided by the client from a known and certified source and not by copyright infringement.
2. All images and texts that will be provided by the client are under the full responsibility of the client.
3. Sketches of the home page and internal pages will be designed to the client’s satisfaction (three maximum).
4. After receiving approval of the design sketch, the home page and the internal pages will be constructed according to the approved sketch.
The schedule of the website construction will be adjusted according to client needs, website specification and is subject to the delivery of content, text and images by the client with payment in full contractually. If the texts are ready, the website can be built within 20 working days.
1. For the construction of the website (including graphic specification, the design of the home, category, and content pages, up to 50 designed pages including galleries, dynamic pages and forms, etc.) the client will pay Ms. Irit Blumenthal in full.
2. The price includes the addition of unlimited photos to galleries, advanced functions of management software (details will be given to the client separately), a flash slideshow of up to 30 images in a photo gallery and/or html, the addition of videos as needed, management of the client’s domain, adding an events calendar, downloading catalogs, adding forums, advanced forms, moving news lines, subscribers’ area, distribution list, and more.
3. The price also includes instructing the client about the management software: up to two hours; these two hours will be given to Irit Blumenthal. A training center is active 24-hours to help answer the client’s needs.
Payment terms for the website construction:
1. Half of the amount (payable upon signing this agreement and as a condition to begin the work). It will be stated that this amount will not be refunded to the client in the case of the client terminating this agreement before work is finished.
2. Half of the amount will be paid simultaneously with the completion of the design before uploading the website to the Internet.
3. Ibdesign Company undertakes adding missing pages after uploading the website free of charge within the 50 pages of the website construction.
Phase 2:
Site maintenance, storage, purchase and management of domain name:
1.  The website will be stored for the period of one year from the date of uploading the website onto the Internet. Each year the website storage will be renewed.
2. This includes reviewing the website throughout the year as well as email technical support in case technical problems occur. Ms. Irit Blumenthal will provide this service.
3. The storage includes a domain name for one year and 5 email boxes (1 GB management software memory for unlimited pages).
4The client declares that it is his responsibility to renew the domain name and the storage of the website each year and that this renewal requires a periodical fee.
5. Warranty is given to the site’s stability; the servers are checked daily and the management software is updated at Google’s request.
6.In case the client wants to transfer to a different company, it is possible to find a company that works with the same management software to transfer the management to the chosen company, or it is possible to build the website again using a another software and then it can be transferred to a different management software. It is known and clear to the client that a management software website programmed in dynamic code cannot be transferred as is but has to be rebuilt using a different program.
Total website design – $1,999.00
Storage $720 per year - annual fee. ($60.00 per month )
The payment includes updates, maintenance of design and personal guidance by telephone year round with a warranty that the website will not collapse, be hacked or spread with viruses. The website is secure 24/7).
For further questions, contact us at
Irit Blumenthal
Ibdesign Company
We confirm with our signatures the aforementioned: we will pay the order in full based on what is written above. We further declare and confirm that we have read this agreement and understand its content.
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